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M.A. J Drew Hancock-Mac Tamhais

Assistent Allgemeine Linguistik

+41 31 684 37 55
B 173
Universität Bern
Institut für Sprachwissenschaft
Länggassstrasse 49
3012 Bern

PhD Project: TAME Particles in Northern Iroquoian

For my dissertation I will be describing and comparing tense, aspect, mood, and evidentiality particles in the Northern Iroquoian languages. The study will also discuss the interaction between these particles and parallel grammatical systems within the verbal complex. During the course of the dissertation process, I will be creating a Northern Iroquoian Particle Database which I hope will be used for future work in comparative studies of Northern Iroquoian particles in all their mysterious complexity. It will be made available for viewing as it progresses.

Outside of this project, I am primarily engaged in historical-comparative work between the Iroquoian and Caddoan families. I also have secondary research interests in Gaelic, as well as the typology of polysynthetic languages, and Generative formalism. I am also invested in language revitalisation efforts and endangered language community-oriented scholarship.

Research Interests

(Northern) Iroquoian, Caddoan, and Gaelic languages; language description and documentation; historical and comparative linguistics of the greater Mississippi region; polysynthesis; morphophonology; language revitalisation and community-oriented scholarship.