I am interested in a wide range of structural aspects of language(s), from phonetic details to diachronic morphosyntax. I am also interested in employing digital methods to investigate these aspects. Check out a project of mine, GRAMR.

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The working title of my dissertation is Diachronic and typological aspects of Cariban Verbal Morphosyntax. You can read more about its contents here.

It is accompanied by an online database.

The goal of my PhD project is to write a comparative overview, both in the typological and the historical sense, of Cariban verbal morphosyntax. The work is based on available grammatical descriptions of Cariban languages. The available literature on single Cariban languages is considerably heterogeneous both in terms of thoroughness and analytical approach. This necessitates a restriction to those languages for which good descriptions are available. The different analyses have to be brought into a uniform approach to Cariban morphosyntax.

The Cariban language family is one of the larger indigenous language families of South America. Cariban languages are mainly spoken in northern South America, i.e. northern Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam and French Guiana. Three languages are spoken in Central Brazil, and one in Colombia:

Approximate distribution of extant Cariban languages. Corresponding map in database.